Thursday, August 27, 2009

Like a Cheesy Low-Rent DJ, I Take Requests!

Just two days after embarking on this scary new endeavor, I've been overwhelmed by the amount of support and encouragement you guys have already shown me.

While staring stupidly at a blank page for the past hour, it's dawned on me that one of many reasons I haven't started a blog until now has been that I'm not too adept at coming up with ideas of what to write about. (Some may snark that I'm not too adept at the actual writing part either, but that's for another post!) A few of you have emailed me with terrific suggestions for future topics, all of which I plan to shamelessly steal and claim as my own ;)

While my knowledge of most topics is, at best, terribly limited (let's take a quick moment to mourn the copious amount of brain cells I've killed off over the years!), I'd love to write entries that are of some interest to YOU, my tremendously awesome readers. Please feel free to suggest anything that springs to those fine minds of yours, though don't be offended if I'm too clueless or lazy to ever actually write your proposed entry.

Meanwhile, please forward this blog to everyone and anyone who might enjoy it and be willing to follow it, as I am eager to take over the cyber universe---or, perhaps more realistically, to just have a slightly larger pool of readers kind enough to at least pretend to enjoy my work ;)


  1. Marla, for ideas, you must go back and reread some of your fb entries. One that always comes to mind -- a horse just stepped on my foot. Well, it was something like that. I read your update, I read it again, and I read it again -- couldn't be but it was!! Wasn't that you? Now, I'm doubted myself.

    Topics, topics, topics. Now, I can't think one. But, if I keep letting my fingers type nonsense something will come to me. I feel pressure. I'll have to come back with one. The only thing really on my mind right now is the question of whether or not this headband (cloth with elastic) that I have been wearing has been hurting my head hurt a little.

    Is that a topic? When beauty hurts (though many would question whether my use of a cloth headband qualifies as adding to beauty).

    People do all sort of crazy things for beauty. And, the question is -- does it even work or detract.

    (I know, I'm sorry, that is all I have right now.)

  2. Here's question -- how best to get over an embarrassing moment. Is it best to think about it in detail -- you know, to really face it? Or, is it best to pretend that you are one of those people who can just shrug your shoulders and move on? Or, do you give yourself a set amount of time to thing about it and then have the mental strength to do something productive? Or, do you try to distract yourself and if so, how?

  3. Maybe this isn't a good topic for a blog post but I am curious about any book recommendations you would be willing to share. I noticed your love of books (and your love for writing) and was curious as to what books you've read and which you highly recommend. I love both Fiction and Non-fiction. I enjoy mystery, history, romance and just about anything. Are you a member of any book clubs like Goodreads? Let me know! Thanks!
    Btw, I'm currently reading The Last Templar, Richard Khoury.

  4. So I missed responding to your first post...I wanted to wait till I had time to sit down and compose a really well-written, clever response that fully reflected my delight that you started a blog...I can't think of anyone's writing I'd rather read! Of course, by the time I get around to even somewhat attempting this, you're already several posts in.
    Anyway, I will be a faithful follower, and was very happy to see that you wasted no time generating a post about the pleasures and agonies of football fandom. I'd also love to read any reflections you have on the agonies (not I am purposefully omitting the word "pleasures") of work in the nonprofit sector. Or what it is, exactly, about curly fries that makes them so addictive (I realize other people may not find that as compelling as I do, though.)
    A belated congrats on starting's not surprisingly SO funny, thoughtful, and well-written - I will spread the word to other blog readers, and look forward to being one of your avid followers!

  5. Please forgive the delay in commenting. This blogging process seems perfect for you. You are an excellent writer. For you and your talent for writing, I will try my hardest to overcome my "limitations" as far as being online, etc.